Successful Living Through Self-Trust

What is Identity

Picture you being the authority to yourself. Know that force in your growth is never valid.  These are the foundational concepts that make Identity unique.

The Basics of Identity:

  1. You are born with a purpose.
  2. Everything about you grows up around that purpose.
  3. You have all the tools you need to fulfill your life purpose.

Other courses play the role of a knowledge and authority that you “don’t have” so they can teach you how to solve your problems.  They also require some kind of significant modification of your behavior, attitude or approach in order to succeed.  You don’t need an outside authority to change your life and feel safe.

Identity shows you that you already have the answers. Your body works on a very basic principle. Once you understand it, there isn’t anything that you can’t accomplish. You will learn a way of living that is self-responsive, not driven by others.




You are your greatest resource…

  • Be Gentle with YOU
  • No one knows you better than you
  • Don’t let your head get involved
  • Focus on your needs
  • Be who you are no matter what

Identity gives you the tools to uncover the spiritual causes of problems, not just treat the symptoms. It provides a way to find your spiritual purpose. It is created to give you insight into how your body is designed to support you, guide you and help you fulfill that spiritual purpose.

Learn what works for you and why.

  • learn how you are designed to function
  • build your Willingness to grow
  • manage your energy and emotions
  • embrace the uniqueness of you
  • believe and trust in you

This self-development course helps you uncover your blocks to happiness and fulfillment in life. You will learn simple but powerful tools to get to the root of your problems.  It is a safe supportive space for self-discovery, and practicing self-responsiveness.

  • learn how your channels work and your energy flows
  • learn how to direct your energy to produce solutions to your problems
  • learn how your energy strengthens you and interacts with other people’s energy

Your self-worth and ability to see your inner-strength is right around the corner! We welcome you to invest in you.