Successful Living Through Self-Trust

Classes for Kids/Teens

Kids Identity

Is your child sensitive, shy, having trouble socializing or controlling their behavior? Kid’s Identity helps children ages 6 – 12 understand and believe in themselves in a fun and active way. They learn tools to help them appreciate their own uniqueness which builds self-confidence and decreases anxiety. Utilizing laughter and play in a fun environment, kids easily connect with each other. They come away from this program more cooperative, confident and independent. Sometimes the change is instantaneous!

Teen Identity

Teens struggle with feeling different, not fitting in and peer pressure. They may be bored, frustrated or stressed. Teen Identity is an interactive workshop that helps teens get excited about their lives and themselves. They learn tools to build self- confidence and trust themselves. Through fun activities they practice communication skills, problem-solving and managing their energy. This helps them get through challenges, get motivated and be happy!