Successful Living Through Self-Trust

Classes for Adults

Identity I

Identity gives you the tools to uncover the spiritual causes of problems, not just treat the symptoms. It provides a way to find your spiritual purpose. It is created to give you insight into how your body is designed to support you, guide you and help you fulfill that spiritual purpose. Learn what works for you and why.

The Identity learning environment will provide both encouragement and support as you begin to make sense of the complicated world in your head. You will experience immediate and positive results with the new tools you learn. Dare to tap into the harmony, inner- peace, self-acceptance and self-direction already present within you. Embrace the opportunity to become your own best friend. Identity is a course that puts you back in the center of your life.

Identity II

Identity is a place to start to build you, to let go of self-criticism, self-doubt and remove emotional pain. You will understand the growth process and develop new attitudes, outlooks, ideas and perspectives. Learn how to use your energy effectively. Be willing to face who and what you need and learn how to avoid blocking it. With growth comes obstacles with family and friends, Advanced Identity teaches you the skills to embrace the new you.

Identity Workshops

Every day we experience challenges and obstacles. Often when we meet these challenges we revert to our old tapes of self-doubt and self-criticism. What if I told you there are tools to quiet the mind and that it is possible to generate a feeling of power over your life? Identity workshops will help you open to immense personal freedom and success. By design there is no one like you in the world. These workshops will help you come to love the person you see in the mirror.

Identity Parenting Workshop

Are you sometimes amazed by what your child says or knows? Is your kid strong-willed, shy, or sensitive? Keeping up with incredible kids can be challenging! Identity Parenting Workshop can help you understand your kid’s unique needs. Learn how to decrease conflict by working with your child. Support their growth as they learn about themselves. Best of all, learn how to encourage and enjoy your amazing kids!

Graduate Identity

Having taken Identity and Advanced Identity  you have now acquired the fundamentals, the tools and the ground work to address many life issues. Yet, since each of us is unique there continue to be challenges with life, love and career. There is simply no “cookie cutter” answer. Graduate Identity is tailored to address your individual questions in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. While most people are looking for a way to make the symptoms go away, Identity participants are looking for answers to address the root-cause of their problems.

Partners Workshop

Partners provides tools to enhance the positive aspects of all relationships. Self-doubt affects our relationships. When we don’t know who we really are, we can’t relate to others authentically. Learn to solve problems that exist and prevent new ones from happening. Develop solutions based on the needs of each type of relationship, intimate, casual, working and friendship. This workshop unlocks the tools to stronger more successful relationships.

Escaping Victimhood

Are you tired of all the negativity, blaming others, feeling like others are out to get you? Are you tired of feeling like a victim of circumstance?

Learn tools to reclaim your power in every situation and manage your reactions to avoid drama. Retire from a victimhood mentality and create a confident, prosperous lifestyle. If you are reading this you are ready to take the the next step toward permanent, long-standing and positive change.