Successful Living Through Self-Trust

Sometimes you need to walk away…

Sometimes you need to walk away… and ask YOURSELF*******What did I learn?******* If you are continue to put your needs aside for someone or something and YOU are NOT FEELING the REWARDS of what you are GIVING. Well, overtime YOU will deplete yourself enough to cause health and emotional issues. The road of unnecessary lessons...
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The Four Requirements for Motivation

1. FEEL RIGHT (not think Right) We are process oriented not result oriented by nature.  It has to be appropriate for you.  You may need a Reality Check, if you are second guessing yourself.  Check your gut feeling. 2. TIMING has to be right. Force will never get you anywhere.  If you force anything, you...
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Start believing in YOU!

STOP…believing in everyone else, and start believing in YOU! Yeah, it is nice that you are supporting them, helping them, thinking of them, and caring for them.  Though, at the end of the day, WHAT’S LEFT? Is there any energy left for you? Are you taking care of you? Like getting a hair cut, exercising...
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Discover your path

YOU have all been placed here… to DISCOVER YOUR OWN PATH…and you will experience pain and discontent with the path that makes everyone else happy (parents, spouse, society.) The lessons, victories, and struggles are placed in your life to to get YOU to where YOU are going. YOUR PATH is designed to make YOUR INNER...
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I am done

Is it time to set YOURSELF free? What are YOU holding on to?  What no longer serves YOU?  Is it time to let some things go?  Are YOU stuck in a rut?  Who and What owns YOU?  Is it time to move on?  Are you Done? What is YOUR  JOB  DESCRIPTION? (how many plates are...
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